Wedding Based Movies in Telugu

The South Indian film industry is nothing short of a magic box. Once opened, it offers abundant entertainment. Of the various regional film industries comprising the south Indian film industry, the Telugu film industry deserves special acknowledgment. It is one of the most lively film industries in India. The spectacular sets, catchy music, animated dance steps, production quality, and breathtaking performances are qualities that you can associate with the Telugu film industry. However, the industry, like other film industries in India, also suffered from the recent Covid-19 meltdown setback. But, as every disaster brings with it a new opportunity, the Telugu film industry also found a savior in the OTT platforms. Most people who stayed back during the lockdown engaged themselves with the several OTT platforms on offer. These platforms allowed audiences to enjoy their favorite movies and shows from their homes instead of flocking the cinema halls. The OTT media provided a lifeline to the Telugu film industry, which rejuvenated itself to entertain people with their excellent productions. You can stream many recent Telugu movies online on aha app.

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The Telugu film industry has seen some outstanding wedding-based movie releases recently, Suryakantham – Sacrifice for Love being one of them. It is an engaging watch that contains stellar performances and offers several feel-good moments. Let’s review it.

The Storyline

Abhi (Rahul Vijay) is a simple guy who falls for Suryakantham (Niharika). He proposes to her; however, not ready to commit, she leaves Abhi and goes missing. Abhi moves on with his life and gets married to Pooja. When everything is going fine between the two, Suryakantham suddenly returns, and things turn upside down. What does Abhi do? Does he marry Suryakantham or stay with Pooja? These questions are what the movie Suryakantham is all about.

The film revolves around Niharika. She had some brutal scenes to perform that she pulls off with relative ease. The protagonist, Rahul Vijay, is perfect and performs admirably. The other heroine, PerleneBhesania, looks good and executes her part responsibly. Post interval, the movie offers some touching moments, which are directed to perfection. Comedian Satya shows several funny moments. Sivaji Raja was good to watch playing the hero’s father. The film’s pace is relatively slow, and the storyline predictable. The movie’s climax seems rather dull.

The production values are exemplary. The music is pretty decent. Niharika’s stylists make her look beautiful, even in the emotional scenes.

The director Pranith has done an excellent job. However, the twist where Niharika suddenly goes missing comes without reason leaves the audience confused.

All in all, Suryakantham offers you nothing new. However, there are some touchy and feel-good moments. Watch the movie for those moments.


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