Preferable Options for the best Wallpapers

The wallpaper goes back to fashion and does not surprise me because there are many benefits to apply. It can be used in humid environments, in places exposed to dirt and even on the ceiling. We can choose between washable , fiberglass , vinyl or plain. As for the motifs and colors, there is plenty of choice!

Applying wallpaper singapore serves above all to beautify the wall, but not only. It gives intimacy to the environment, insulates and soundproofs the walls or even helps to hide irregular plaster. It allows you to achieve effects that you will not get with the help of other materials.

The choice of designs and materials is so wide that enthusiasts will surely find something right for them. The most popular types of wallpaper singapore differ in durability. The decision on which one to choose should primarily depend on the room in which the wallpaper will be used. It is also important whether it will be easy to keep it clean.

Here are some suggestions on which wallpaper to choose and how to match it with the style of our home.

Which wallpaper to choose for which environment?

  • Bathroom : Fiberglass and vinyl wallpaper is the most resistant to water and moisture.
  • Bedroom : As a rule, less strong single-layer paper will also be suitable.

Living room : In the case of wallpaper for the living room or dining room, the question is not so obvious. If you only want to wallpaper a wall that is not exposed to damage, we don’t have to choose a very resistant wallpaper, just be guided by aesthetics. However, if it must be applied in places more exposed to dirt, oily stains or in general humid it is better to choose a more resistant one. The important thing is that it is double-layered or in natural fiber.

Kitchen : the wallpaper with which we can complete the kitchen must be even more resistant. Fiberglass on vinyl would be ideal! It is more resistant to mechanical damage, humidity, high temperatures and even burns. Cards of this type are often protected with a layer of Teflon.

Not just for smooth surfaces!

If the walls are not perfectly smooth, instead of fixing the wall just opt for wallpaper that will compensate for the irregularities. Some types are glued with a layer of lining that perfectly covers the irregularities. In addition, they are laid very quickly because the adhesive is only applied to the wall. These types of paper can even be painted.