The Doodle Trust Open Day

The Doodle Trust Needs Volunteers

doodle trust volunteers

First of all sorry for the distinct lack of contact…
I’ve been so busy with the new site Midlands Doodles – that time has slipped by…
Just to say our regular meetings are proving very popular – please try to come!!!

OK now to the main event…
The Labradoodle Trust is changing it’s name to the Doodle Trust
That means all our gorgeous poodle crosses are now under one awesome umbrella…
And this truly amazing doodle charity needs YOU!!!
They are holding an Open Day in Derby very soon – here’s the details:

Sunday May 3rd 11am to 4pm
Kennelgate Pet Superstore
58 Manor Road
DE23 6BR
"thank you"
“thank you”

They are hoping to not only attract a lot of interest and raise much needed funds…
But they are also on the lookout for volunteers to help in all areas of the charity…
Here’s just a few of the ways you can help:

  • Foster Carers
  • Fund Raisers
  • Home-Checkers
  • Transporters
  • General Helpers (DOGSbodys lol)

During the open day there will be a whole host of experts and doodle owners…
All offering advice and support on all things doodle…
From training and feeding right up to how to adopt and care for your dog…
And that’s one of the main issues here…
As our fabulous poodle crosses grow in popularity – so does the number of abandoned doods…
And that’s where the Doodle Trust comes in…
With the help of volunteers and fund raising – we can keep this much needed group going…

If you can’t pop along on the day – there’s plenty of ways to get in touch with them on their site or on social media:

I think you’ll all agree this is a dogs charity we all should do our best to get involved with…
So please pass this on to your friends – share it on social media and let’s do our bit for doodles less fortunate than our own :)

Lots of love

Kate ~ Millie and Wally

Here’s a photo from our last Midlands Doodle Meet

midlands doodle dash march 2015

Make sure you check the dates of the meetings at Midlands Doodles 😉

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Christmas Midlands Doodle Dash

christmas doodle meeting
Biddy MIllie and Wally

Enjoy a pre-Christmas run at the glorious Coombe Abbey Country park with as many as 40 doodles and their owners!!!

It’s an open invite to all owners of poodle crosses who want to meet up for some pre- festivities exercise!!! Trust me if you’ve never attended a doodle meet before – you and your dogs will have a ball!!!

This will be the third Doodle Friends Midlands Meets event and it’s expected to be the biggest yet!!!

The first two has seen as many as 40+ doodles and their owners enjoying a fantastic walk through the stunning grounds of Coombe Abbey near Coventry. It can get pretty muddy but at the end there’s a fantastic stretch of shallow clean water which the dogs absolutely adore!!!


And of course our very own goldendoodles Millie and Wally will be there as well as their best buddy Biddy and a whole host of poodle crosses big and small!!!

Further info here:

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Mini Doodle-Fest in Devon

The ‘Doodles Do Devon (again lol)

goldendoodles swimming in sea

Millie – Biddy and Wally about to get swamped

amber beautiful goldendoodle

Gorgeous Goldendoodle girl Amber paddling

WHAT a fantastic summer me and the ‘doodles have had – seems like we’ve been camping for-ever!!!

We’re just back after an absolute fantastic week in very warm very sunny glorious Devon with our great friends Paddy & Lynn – Paul and Sharon and their gorgeous girls Labradoodle Biddy and Goldendoodle Amber…

Paul and Sharon are assistant managers at the wondrous Harford Bridge Park camping and caravan site. Trust me if you’re looking for somewhere special to visit Dartmoor and beyond – that’s the place for you – and no I haven’t been paid to write that!!!

You can read more about this fantastic 4 star dog friendly camp site at my partners camping blog HERE

We were based a couple of miles outside the lovely friendly town of Tavistock. Trust me our ‘doodles caused a big stir – especially the big lad Wally – wherever we went we had a queue of people wanting to fuss and find out all about him lol…

goldendoodles on the beach

We had two amazing days at the beach and were joined by my friend Tamara and 3 of her stunning and very excited ‘doodles – see the photo above as to just how excited they were for a mini doodle dash come doodlefest!!!

We also bumped into other Labradoodle and Cockapoo owners and had a great time chatting about our gorgeous dogs. There was so many doodles the cafe staff asked if it was ‘DoodleFest’ lol. Sadly we’re not allowed to call a meet up by that phrase as it’s copyrighted (a long story lol) – but hey who cares – the dogs had a ball!!!

All of the dogs looked as though they had a fantastic time – and really enjoyed the BBQ’s at night lol…

That’s probably our camping trips done and dusted for this year – roll on next!!!

That’s it for now I have a mountain of camping washing and dog blankets to sort out and indeed replace my trusty old washing machine (which broke at just the wrong time lol)…

Until next time – happy doodling!!!

goldendoodles in sea

Upcoming Doodle Meets

Midlands Doodles – September 20th Nr Coventry Details HERE

Kent Dog Walks FaceBook Group

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Happy Birthday Millie 6 Today!!!


Wow 6 whole years have passed since we first sat up in bed with the laptop out for many a long night trying to find a photo of a dog we spotted in Cornwall!!!

It was Padstow and this most gorgeous fluffy dog was the other side of the harbour – we fell in love with the breed instantly but by the time we got there the doodle had gone!!!

Finally after what seemed a fruitless search we found a photo of a Goldendoodle and thanks to Sam at Gun Dogs UK we were lucky enough to find our beautiful girl Millie who was the last of the litter! The rest as they say is history :)


Millie has a Leaf for an Ear!!!

Millie has and is a fantastic family dog – very loving – very good natured and is much loved by all who know her and whoever she meets! She adores children and has a real soft spot for teenage boys – if you catch my drift lol…

And of course and despite a troubled time she gave birth to 9 beautiful and amazing puppies!!!

She adores water – the muckier the better – is a real Tomboy and can get filthy in the cleanest of places lol – she has a weakness for chasing birds and rabbits and adores fresh mince as a special treat…

You really couldn’t wish for a better dog and it’s true to say the same can be said for any Goldendoodle and Labradoodle – and the rest of the ‘doods and poos of course!!!

Her dad has worked and owned many dogs in his life but proudly states she’s the best he’s ever had – even if in her early years she was a bit of a ‘madam’ lol…

If you’re thinking of getting a ‘doodle – stop thinking and just do it – Millie has given us so much pleasure and joy over the last six years it truly is magical!!!

goldendoodle beautiful bitch

Millie and Me

Happy Birthday Baby Girl!!!

(as a special treat I’m taking her mum and daughter shopping to Pets at Home!!!)


If you’d like to meet up with Millie – Wally and tons of other doods our next meet is at Coombe Abbey on September 20th 11am at Coombe Abbey Nr Coventry…

For more details checkout Doodle Friends Midlands Meets!!!

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New Facebook Group for Midland Doodle Meets

fforest fields dog friendly

Mille and wally Cooling Off at Fforest Fields Campsite

You’re probably sick of my excuses for not updating lol

But in my defence I have been off work following major surgery on my shoulder so typing has not been easy :)

OK I promise to bring you all up to date with what’s been a fantastic spring and summer (apart from my pain lol) in a couple of days…

Until then and for owners of all kinds of doodles – poodle crosses or just folks who want to come along with any type of dog (or without) for what we call a ‘doodle dash’

We meet regularly at Coombe Abbey on the outskirts of Coventry and to keep you all up to date checkout the brand new Facebook group:


All are welcome – so see you over there 😉

midlands doodle meetings

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